Making A Living in A Tribal Way

Unlike many people, Daniel and I are fortunate in that our “work” isn’t separate from our “life.” Neither of us any longer has to get up in the morning and slog off to an eight-hour stint for a corporation that is simply interested in getting the most out of its workers while offering as little as possible in return. Some of that has changed in the past few years as corporations are being forced to introduce more worker-friendly conditions or are opting for values-led business practices. But this still isn’t even close to the tribal model of making a living. Initially we thought that in addition to providing materials, we would make this website THE place to visit if you see yourself “making a living” in a tribal way—a kind of clearing house, where you could become part of a network of people making a living in a tribal way in various occupations and share stories about tribal business ventures. I expected to relate stories of the businesses I’ve mentioned above and monitor the website and perhaps write an on-going column about what was happening in the way of developing tribal businesses, much the way I did as editor of The East Mountain News. However, we soon realized that this idea wasn’t going to work, in part because I found that getting back to writing and trying to monitor this kind of website was, ultimately, not what I wanted to do. Instead, we’ve made it possible for potential tribal business networkers to connect with the larger Ishmael network (by clicking on the Network icon on the splash page), and we’ve focused on our initial plan—to provide books, tapes, and other materials that we hope will be of value to you and to those you share them with.

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