Amazingly, these absolutely stunning styles were custom, hand made wigs at prices that could actually cost up to $4000.00., she informed me. Perhaps we were in the wrong field! Well, it was a short lived idea and Daniel and I moved back to our comfort zone writing for such such notable publishers as Daniel Quinn & Associates, The Pinmoney Press, the Educational Tool & Die Company, and The Hard Rain Press. Some of these worked well as tribal business ventures, some failed–not because they were tribal, but because they were not tribal enough. But recognizing them started us thinking again about being connected to the source of our living rather than depending on conglomerate publishers in New York City, which is, in effect, an insidious kind of “wage slavery.” And this rethinking of ourselves in relation to our work led to our resurrecting and reincarnating the last of these ventures, The Hard Rain Press, and renaming it New Tribal Ventures—a name more in keeping with what’s going on now.

Tools for Teaching and Learning

As you can tell from the names, our ventures usually had something to do with publishing. Most often they were about the creation of educational materials for teachers and students, since both Daniel and I had spent most of our careers in educational publishing, and making good stuff for kids is something we both care a lot about. But we know that adults too want tools they can use–in book clubs, study groups, or in dialogue with friends. (And we’ve discovered that T-shirts and caps with messages are also important tools!) So the major purpose of this website is to provide various kinds of educational tools for those of you who want to share with others ideas you’ve learned from Daniel’s books.

The Quinns and Ishmael

Here’s a picture of Daniel and me taken a few years ago at Salisbury State University in Maryland with the life-sized bronze of Ishmael commissioned by the university and created by sculptor Bart Walter for display on the campus. As far as we know, this is the only statue of a character from modern fiction specifically created for display on a university campus.

By May, 1996, it was obvious that Ishmael needed his own space, his own domain. Generous support from benefactors, and more volunteer labor has enabled us to launch Dan, upon considering Ishmael on the world wide web, had this to say back in 1997, “More than just a book, readers have made Ishmael a phenomenon. I think of as the unfolding record of this phenomenon.” The name Ishmael’s Companion stuck and was carried trough to version three (and in French!) with Patrick Neeman doing the graphical look and feel. The current version, renamed to “Ishmael’s Community,” originally launched with a different front page. This version four and was graphically envisioned and executed by John Gonzales of Rounder Graphics.

Ishmael is not the only book of Dan’s that has had its own website. When The Story of B was launched, we created a separate webspace that was more dynamic and interactive than the Ishmael Companion site. Later, with the release of Beyond Civilization, we launched another site to highlight that novel and deliver audio excerpts featuring Dan doing the narration. (These audio clips are still available…) These two sites have since been retired and the content folded into

… As the story continues to unfold, we will bring it to you here!