From time to time corporate sponsors who are interested in what we are doing have approached us. We have mixed feeling about sponsorship.

As you know we have evolved overtime moving from some not particularly successful ventures to others that were far more satisfying. We have dabbled our toes in both the corporate and non-profit worlds as well as in the independent freelance or sole proprietor world of business. Each has its pluses and minuses.

For a while we attempted to encourage sponsors who provided a real benefit to our readership. Since most are working people paying into Social Security via their paychecks, a service offering to help with the application process for social security disability insurance seemed like a real plus. These are attorneys who specialize in getting you through the bureaucracy in order to file a claim for an injury, illness or condition that prevents you from working productively. The professionals in this field are experts and definitely provide a needed service since the majority of application filed without the aid of an attorney get rejected. These lawyers only get a fee if they successfully get you through the process and obtain actual benefits – so win, win.

Certainly our online venture offering business & corporate gifts was fruitful. We have watched other gift basket e-commerce sites sprout up over the years, but the most impressive and long lasting has been a site called GiftTree. I think they blow most other sites out of the water, particularly when it comes to corporate gifts and gift baskets. They specialize in the art of gift giving, with offerings that not only include elegant gift baskets, wine gifts, and exquisite floral arrangements for the regular consumer, but also offer luxurious corporate gift basket arrangements for all business occasions. As we learned when we were in that marketplace, corporate gift basket always generate goodwill and enhance your business relationship with clients, prospective clients, as well as with your own employees and partners. The savvy and most successful corporate gift givers always pays attention to the recipient’s taste, interests, or hobbies, thus being able to choose a corporate gift basket that will both surprise and please. You can really create a dramatic impression with a spot on selection. We used to offer just as GiftTree does now, many corporate gift services ranging from customization to volume discounts.

I’ve sent personal, not corporate) gift baskets for all sorts of different occasions. Obviously commemorating any of the major holidays such as Christmas, Hanukah, Thanksgiving with an elegant gift basket is pretty obvious. Likewise for the newly wed or newly expecting, a gift basket is an ideal way to both celebrate and send congratulations. Birthdays, get-well wishes, welcome to the neighborhood are other opportunities to show your thoughtfulness. But I think the one of the oddest occasions to celebrate with a gift basket was when my younger brother got the results from his at home private sti test kit for home use. I guess a little back story is in order. I get a call from my teenage brother who like all teenagers seem to think that they are invincible. But he got a real scare several months ago when the girl he was having unprotected sex with texted him that she thought she might have an sti (std) and didn’t know what to do. They two of them came to me freaked out. Neither wanted to go to either a family doctor nor a clinic. So I told them about buying a std testing kit online which would give them results in 15 minutes. With an accuracy between 95%-99%, I thought they had a pretty good chance of getting correct results. But I did warn them if they got a positive result or if they got symptoms or the symptoms persisted, they absolutely had to get medical help. Well, they both tested negative. As a joke I sent them a gift basket with four packages of condoms with a note to practice safe sex. Hopefully this scare makes them a little bit more responsible. But you know teenagers!

For those who have asked about contributing to this site, we have made the executive decision that permission into the ishmael project is strictly prohibited.

You can email us for more information, until then please check back regularly for updates and visit the website!