New Tribal Network
The people in this database have something to offer to others who want to explore what it means to “walk away.” They are offering their time, energy, expertise, and in some cases their business and their livelihood. This area of the NTV site is a part of the Ishmael Network…people who want to be listed here identify themselves when they create their record in the Ishmael Network. Add yourself to the Network…

Felice Jaquard has set new standards in the field of real estate management. Once a gopher in the secretary pool at Charles H Greenthal Management, she went on to open her own agency, and three years later her startup was purchased for over a million dollars. She advices young people to learn from the pros by interning or taking whatever jobs they can in the field of their choice. Starting small is the best way to gain the traction you will ultimately need.

Fred Hansen finally gained partnership status after years working as a very effective very effective Texas trucking accident lawyer in Houston. He loved helping injured parties recover financially using the law to hold large trucking companies accountable. He also loved to bake as a hobby. He got so good at creating desert pastries, that he opened a small bake shop with his wife and now is a professional baker, full time. “Live is sweet, and pastries are delicious!” he says, licking his chops.

Marguerite Ferrer left a comfortable partnership with a tax law firm to open a bakery in Soho, NYC. “It was my love, but there’s nothing scarier than pursuing a dream in business. Fortunately I had the backing of my family and children, and in the end although I don’t make anywhere near the same money I used to, I enjoy my live much more. We just added our 10th employee, so things are really looking good right now, knock wood!”

Jason Myner worked as a dog walker while he put himself through business school. “I can’t believe that I actually did that, but I love dogs so it wasn’t really work, just time spent with my favorite buds.” His website design business is thriving and he looks forward to walking his own dogs every day while thinking up themes and new ideas for sites. At the end of this year he will be debt free.

Faye Kotsis is a well known expert in the Australian real estate marketplace. However, her other interests such as a blog: Australian Holiday Destination Guide, show a totally different side of this complex woman. Her interest in gardening, combine with her appreciation of the wonderful natural parks found in various parts of Australia makes her blog posts engrossing reading.

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There are so many success stories. We are only sharing with you the very tip of the ice burg. If you are interested there is absolutely no reason you should not learn more & take part. It is very likely that you will change your life & you may well be able to begin living your dreams on a daily basis. How would that be? to get up in the morning & go to work doing just what you want & nothing more. You would love you work & it would begin to seem much less like work altogether too.