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We’re sorry, but we cannot accept purchase orders.

International Orders If you’re ordering from outside the U.S. please contact New Tribal Ventures customer service. Provide the name of your country and the items you want to order, and we’ll calculate the shipping and handling and give you other necessary ordering information.

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Fun Stuff

The message made visual.

NEW! The New Tribal Ventures Annex is a new adjunct to this site, which we’ve set up to provide items that are impractical for us to offer here—t-shirts, caps, mugs, bumper stickers, etc.

In our children’s department, we have formed a relationship with a major supplier (allkidsgolfclubs.com) of golf equipment and apparel and are able to offer excellent prices for parents/teachers who would like to introduce their kids to the game. We have very steep discounts on apparel for 3-5 year olds, but carry golf clothing for all ages. We also have a significant inventory of kids golf apparel, kids golf clubs, and childrens head covers. We also have a kids golf connection with the Entice Golf Club, who have been developing a teaching program there for several years. If you purchase any equipment from our store, we can give you a 25% discount on all adult supervised bookings on the course. This is great way to introduce your family to the game you love.

“The Fence,” a Daniel Quinn original poster, signed.


NEW! Providence, the original Hard Rain Press papberback edition, signed.

The New Renaissance, a booklet containing the basic message of all Daniel’s books.

The Story of B, hardcover, signed.

The Book of the Damned, pocket-sized NTV edition.

The Man Who Grew Young—limited edition, signed by author and illustrator.

Beyond Civilization, hardcover, signed. (Just a few copies left.)

Ishmael—Fifth Anniversary Edition, hardcover, signed.

My Ishmael: A Sequel, hardcover, signed.

Video Tapes

A new way to look at population growth.

Special Offers

My Ishmael by the carton (10 books) at a new very special price–$62.50, including UPS shipping.

Ishmael. We’re sorry, but we are not able to supply copies of Ishmael in bulk.

Audio Tapes

An Animist Testament

Recently we received an email asking whether New Tribal Ventures is planning to create a casino portal? At first we were confused by the question and then realized that the writer was mistaking us for a Native American tribe’s website. The term “tribal” does not refer to a specific tribe nor are we Native American affiliated. There are a number of us who do enjoy playing at online casinos. I happen to play at US slots player friendly sites particularly when I am in an airport waiting for a plane. Some people read books while waiting, I happen to play online slots, sometimes for money and sometimes for free. The internet is great that way. However, newtribalventures.com does not, nor is planning to ever create an online gambling / casino portal. That is not the purpose of this site. I suggested to the writer that they check out our various pages on the site to better understand the its purpose or if they want to find the best slots for US players, to go to a site that specializes in this, like online-casino-party.co.